5 Essential Products for Cat Owners

Being a cat owner involves a lot of responsibility. You must be financially stable to support your pet, you must be able to manage your time well to give your cat the attention it needs, and you must be able to provide a good environment for your cat to live in. Owning a cat takes more work than most people believe, but here’s the good news: there are items that make your life a lot easier. Here are the products you need as a cat owner.


It’s no secret that cats shed. When they do, it can get annoying. The fur will collect on your carpet and furniture. It will get on your clothes and surfaces, like countertops, tables, and sinks. If you’re not mindful of your cat’s shedding, you can end up living in a dusty, dirty household—you don’t want that.

There are brushes you can buy that collect cat fur. Instead of letting the fur drop on their own, falling all over your house, you can instead collect the fur in the brush and discard it when you clean it.


Cats are not like dogs. You can’t hook them to a leash and walk them. They have more dignity than that. Of course, this makes taking the cat out of the house difficult, whether you’re taking it to the vet, moving to a different home, or taking it with you on vacation.

You can transport your cat using a carrier. You can either buy one that looks like a crate (the same ones you use for dogs) or you can buy one that resembles a small duffle bag with screens on the sides to allow them to breathe and look at the outside world.


For those of you who aren’t familiar, catnip is an herb that gives cats a feeling of euphoria. There are many uses to catnip. You can give it to your cat as a treat (like giving yourself a glass of wine after a long day at work) or you can use it to lure anxious cats into their carriers.


Cats may not be as active as dogs, but they still need stimulation, otherwise they’ll get bored. Cats have hunting instincts, so it helps to play with them using toys that mimic what they would do were they wild animals hunting prey in the wilderness. Common cat toys include feather teaserscatnip toys, and foldable play tunnels.   

Cat Tower

Even though they’re domesticated, cats still retain some of the hunting instincts their ancestors had in the wild. A few of their instincts include lounging in high places to observe prey, scratching posts to mark their territories, and hiding in small, enclosed spaces to hide from bigger predators.

Cat towers are like small playgrounds for your feline friend, and their features accommodate all three of the mentioned wild instincts. They contain textured posts for cats to scratch and towers where they can climb up to, hide, and nap in.

There’s no doubt that you care about your cat and that you want it to have the best life. These products will not only make your life easier, but they’re a delight to have for your pet, too!