How often should i bath my dog ?

  • Hey, are you a new dog owner ? I know it can be difficult to determine how often you should give your dog a bath? So, i am here to answer you and my answer is that it depends.
  • It depends on your dog’s age, hair coat length, Lifestyle and health.
how often should i bath my dog

New-born puppy

  • If you adopt a new puppy and if he/she less than 8 weeks you should not bath them because in their childhood they rely heavily on their mothers for everything including proper cleaning and grooming.
  • Due to bathing puppy’ body become wet and they have a more chances to get cold because at this age puppy can’t regulate their body temperature so in my advise not to bath new-born puppy.
  • If they get dirty you can use baby wipes or cloth dipped in hot water to clean them.

Healthy adult dog

  • If you have adult dog you can bath them once in a month in tub or shower using warm water and dog specific shampoo which suits well to your dog.
  • If your dog have a skin allergy, mite infestation or any other skin problem vet may recommend frequent bathing once in week or once in a two week with specific medicated shampoo.
  • Use a soap free or moisturizing formulation so their skin doesn’t get dried out.

Short haired dog

  • Most short-haired dogs can go without being bathed for a long time, unless they get particularly dirty or smelly. For majority of short-haired dog breeds, bathing once in a six to eight week is often enough.

Long haired dog

  • Dog with long hair coat obviously they get dirty and stinky easily so they need frequent bath once in month according to your dog’s activity level.
  • I want to tell you there is a no specific time to bathing a dog but you can use your sense of smell to decide bathing time of dog.

” If your dog starts smelling , it’s time for a bath “

Based on Dog’s lifestyle

  • Some dogs are spend more time out side the house in garden or park and we know that we can’t resist them to rolling in mud, dirt or worse so if your dog is like this definitely they need frequent bathing.
  • Dogs who spend most of their time inside the house may only need to be bathed a few times a year to control natural  doggy odours.

Don’t over bath please

  • You know Dog’s skin produce natural oils which helps to maintain shiny hair coat and promote hair growth, Over-bathing could strip too much oil from the skin cause dryness and irritation so please Don’t over bath your dog.
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